How to Keep Wedding Party Going All Night

Make your wedding an unforgettable day in lives of your guests. Everybody is coming to enjoy the most beautiful day of your life, but they all want to have some fun. The best way to ensure everyone is happy is to play some interesting game. Options are numerous and you can choose one of the following games to keep your guests entertained.

1. Jenga

The good old Jenga is the best way to have some fun on a wedding day. The game is based on lumber blocks with approximately 54 blocks. You can find this material in any hardware store, and the lumber must be solid enough to endure the weight of the blocks and soft enough to be cut into small pieces. When you have this prepared, you are ready for the game. Build the pieces with your friends and create the construction that is as high as possible. The game is not complete without pleasurable destroying of the blocks at the end. Get your wild side out and enjoy this interesting game.

2. Shoe game

Another amusing way to entertain is the shoe game. Usually, the bride takes a seat back-to-back with her groom, and that is the perfect time for questions. While holding one shoe of the partner and one shoe of yours, the hosts ask you about the relationship. The questions like “Who dresses better?”, “Who did the first move?”, “Whose pet is more beautiful?” and other interesting facts will be answered by the couple. It is the perfect game when the guests can learn few more things about the couple.

3. Karaoke

Do your guests like to sing? If yes, karaoke would be great fun at the wedding day. Everyone will find the favorites among the popular hits. Country, 80’s and pop music are ideal to wake your guest up and make them feel wonderful. Play karaoke and imagine you’re a rock star. It’s your day, though.

4. Corn hole

Corn hole is a great lawn-game for making everyone more connected. You can use wood grain paint in rustic style, while adding some lace-inspired details. Interesting parts of the game could be custom bags with silhouettes of your hometown place. One of the couples was creative and they included the beanbags with interesting decoration. Each bag represented the town they are coming from, and that was an ideal way to celebrate their connection at the wedding day.

5. Badminton

These kind of wedding games are great for sport lovers. If you are fond of tennis, you will find badminton very interesting. Needed equipment is very light and portable, so you won’t have troubles bringing the rackets and the shuttle. The more guests you include, the more fun you will have. Let your guests get some sport spirit while enjoying in this classic game.

Organize your wedding in the best way, so each guest can remember it for a lifetime. It is your special day that has to be perfectly prepared. The mentioned wedding games will help you get the most out of your wedding day.

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